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December 2018 - South Side Advertiser

The Best Kept Awards in association with George Best Belfast City Airport took place on 16th October in the iconic Ardhowen Theatre in Enniskillen. Pictured on the day is Doreen Muskett, President of the NI Amenity Council, Carol Johnston, Housing Executive, Stephen Drake, Frank O’Conor, Regional Manager of the Housing Executive, Chris Boyd, Sarah Bunting and Michelle Hatfield, Director of HR and Corporate Responsibility at George Best Belfast City Airport.

 Belvoir Estate has been named the winner in the Large Housing Area category at the Northern Ireland Best Kept Awards 2018, in association with George Best Belfast City Airport,

Belvoir won the prestigious award after impressing judges with its community involvement and effort from local businesses and residents to work together to improve their surroundings.

Belfast was also named the runner up in the Best Kept City category.

The awards took place at the iconic Ardhowen Theatre in Enniskillen, where over 100 delegates from councils, businesses and volunteer groups across the province came together to celebrate the places that go above and beyond to ensure clean, colourful and welcoming surroundings.

The awards are organised by the Northern Ireland Amenity Council and its president, Doreen Muskett, said:

“Congratulations to Belvoir Estate, that stood out to the judges due to its artistic floral arrangements, colourful hanging baskets and residents’ enthusiasm for working as a team to create something beautiful.

“It is wonderful to recognise the excellent efforts from each town and village represented here today. The fantastic work that has been carried out, largely by volunteers, emphasizes the value of civic pride and the importance of making practical improvements to future-proof our communities.

“The Best Kept Awards would cease to exist if it wasn’t for our judges, volunteers and enthusiastic participants from across Northern Ireland. A special thank you to Belfast City Airport for its continued support of the awards and dedication to environmental initiatives.”

The overall winner crowned ‘Best of the Best’ was Hillsborough, that impressed judges with its community involvement and effort from local businesses and council members to work together to improve their surroundings.

Michelle Hatfield, Director of Corporate Services at Belfast City Airport, added:

“On behalf of Belfast City Airport, I want to congratulate Belvoir and its residents for their unwavering loyalty to their community, leading to this impressive achievement today.

“It is an honour to support the Best Kept Awards, now it its 61st year. Hearing about the direct impact that volunteers have on residents, businesses and the wider community is incredible, with ongoing efforts taking place to maintain the high aesthetic standard that the awards demand.

“The Best Kept Awards have helped to motivate and inspire generations to get involved locally, something that Belfast City Airport also encourages through its Corporate Responsibility programme, which supports various clubs, groups, schools and environmental initiatives throughout Belfast.”

The Best Kept City, Town, Village and Housing Area Awards is the final ceremony of the wider Northern Ireland Best Kept Awards, previous categories include Best Kept Schools and Healthcare Facilities.

The Best Kept Awards can be followed on Twitter @BestKeptAwards.



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