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Belfast’s First Parklet Tests Expansion of Outdoor Space Through Unique Partnership Work

December 2020 - South Side Advertiser

The Ormeau Parklet project has converted on-street parking into a new public space for pedestrians and businesses to use

Belfast City Council, alongside partners, have launched The Ormeau Parklet as a test model to expand public space for people and businesses in the city.

Belfast Buildings Trust, Queen’s University Belfast, OGU Architects, MMAS Architects, the Department for Infrastructure and four local hospitality businesses, are partnering on the project.

The Ormeau Parklet has temporarily turned a small number of on-street parking spaces into outdoor space. Pedestrians and local businesses can use the designed pavement area to help with physical distancing. It is being delivered as a collaborative partnership to test a new way of achieving civic projects across the charity, private, and public sectors. The approach champions the importance of quality design for Belfast’s public spaces and includes ongoing engagement and research during the trial to build local evidence for other possible place-making projects in the city. Partners hope that the Ormeau Parklet will be a model that is used elsewhere in Northern Ireland. 

Joanne Corr, Chair of Belfast Buildings Trust, said: “Belfast Buildings Trust works to make Belfast’s authentic buildings and places relevant for the city’s people. Through our Successful Belfast initiative, we explore new ways of involving people in doing that. We believe that Belfast’s people and places deserve quality and we’re willing to take risks to achieve that. The reaction to the Ormeau Parklet already shows what’s possible when civic partnerships are willing to work in new ways that combine civic and community action, creative design practice, and research.” 

Minister for Infrastructure, Nichola Mallon MLA, commented: “Since becoming Minister, I have made clear my desire to change the way we use our roads and streets and make sure they work for the whole community. I am delighted that my Department is able to support this initiative and I’d like to commend the Belfast Buildings Trust, my officials and all the partners on the amazing job they have done to develop and deliver this innovative collaborative project.”

Professor Ian Greer, Vice-Chancellor of Queen’s University Belfast, also commented: "Queen's University is delighted to be part of the informed decision-making of this initiative in the Ormeau area of Belfast, using already tried and tested research from our academics, Dr Rachel O’Grady and Dr Agustina Martire. Queen's is taking a leading role in this project, with student researchers from the StreetSpace project compiling constructive data from local businesses and residents to feed into the success of this project, which can also contribute to future initiatives, at a time when we are all learning to adapt and change to circumstances around us.”



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