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New Solar-Powered Compacting Bins Installed in Ards and North Down

June 2021 - The Ards Advertiser

Ards and North Down Borough Council has installed more than 20 brand new solar-powered compacting bins, becoming the first Council in Northern Ireland to install the latest technology in high-tech bins.

Following a successful trial of three similar bins in 2019 – an initiative that was financed by the Council’s innovative Recycling Community Investment Fund – the Council secured funding from the Department for Communities for an additional 22 state-of-the-art bins that have now been installed across the Borough’s town centres.

Thanks to their automatic compacting ability, the 240 litre bins can store up to 20-times more waste compared to standard bins. They also have the ability to send an electronic message to the Council when they are ready to be emptied, resulting in less collections, lower collection costs and less emissions.

In addition, the fully-enclosed design means they are bird and vermin-proof, they can be operated using a foot pedal, and the bins can log how many times they have been used, giving the Council an opportunity to identify the busiest areas.

The Mayor of Ards and North Down, Councillor Trevor Cummings, said:

“This is a great investment for Ards and North Down. The bins are powered by 100% renewable solar energy so they have zero running costs and they will help to eliminate any unsightly overflowing bins. They will help to keep our public areas clean and they are better for our environment.”

The Chair of the Council’s Environment Committee, Councillor Gillian Greer, said:

“Our new solar-powered compacting bins will make an invaluable contribution to the quality of local visual amenity and environmental protection. They are a great addition to our Borough and combined with the seasonal litter bins that are already in place, they will encourage residents and visitors to Ards and North Down to responsibly dispose of their waste.”

The solar-compacting bins can be found in all of the Borough’s town centres:

In Bangor at Pickie Fun Park; High Street; Bridge Street (x2) and Main Street (x3). In

Donaghadee at The Parade (x2); New Street and High Street and in Holywood at High Street (x3)

The new bins will complement those already in place throughout the Borough, including a selection of 25 seasonal litter bins that have been installed at high-footfall locations until the end of August.

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